Soldiers from Hail Weston, Huntingdonshire.

Hail Weston - Population 258 - 25th June 1915
Bland E. J.  
Baxter R.?  
Barrett C.?  
Brightman W.  
Catling G.  
Horner C.?  
Jordan H.  
Jordan S.  
Markham E.  
Markham G.  
Peacock F.  
Parish T.  
Page A.  
Page M.  
Page S.  
Page C.  
Smith J.  
Searle A.  
These soldiers notes were found whilst research in the soldiers who fought in the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalions.  They are included on this website to assist any researcher who has a connection with Hail Weston or their families.     If you have any further information on these soldiers I would be pleased to hear from you in order that the details can be added to this page.

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. . Martyn Smith