Soldiers from Staughton, Huntingdonshire.

A list has been placed on the south door of the Church of officers and men connected with the parish now on active service.  This list includes [1] natives of Staughton, [2] those whose parents are now living in Staughton, [3] those who have had their education in the school here. Of those whose names are on the list, 71 in all, over 30 are abroad, at or near the firing line, and 4 on active service at sea, 9 have been wounded, and 2 are missing.
Hugh Duberly
Herbert Duberly
William Bellinger
Cecil Fensome
Harry Bishop
Albert Hills
Frederick Hills
George Lane
Walter Newman
Frank Newman
Albert  Hewitt
George Medlock
Bert Hackett
Arthur Hackett
William Bruce
Albert Bruce
Joshua Bruce
Frederick Hackett
Herbert Cox
Frank Cox
Walter Cox
George Jones
John Day
Frank Ekins
William  Mayle
Ronald Pearson
Emphraim Northfield
Edgar Day
William Day
William Walsum
Joseph Waller
Frank Holyoak
Charles Pell
James Bull
Herbert Taylor
Frederick  Goodman
John  Stratton
Fred Russell
John  Mayes
Charles Dawkes
John  Dawkes
Ernest  Neal
Percy Stratton
George Hackett
Elijah Hackett
Alexander Johnson
Frederick Bussingham
Harry Teate[o]
Frank Teate[o]
Frederick Teate[o]
Arthur Teate[o]
Victor  Teate[o]
Stanley Teate[o]
William Yates
Charles Peacock
Walter Hackett
Fred Elmer
William  Hackett
Leonard Livett
Charles Reeve
John  Howey
Joseph Biggs
Frederick  Horner
Fred  Bird
Hugh Bosworth
Mark Shepherd
Arthur Shepherd
William  Bass
Frank Mayes
Herbert Mayes
Joseph  Groom?
These soldiers notes were found whilst research in the soldiers who fought in the Huntingdonshire Cyclist Battalions.  They are included on this website to assist any researcher who has a connection with Staughton or their families.     If you have any further information on these soldiers I would be pleased to hear from you in order that the details can be added to this page.

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