Somersham War Memorials and soldiers details.

Data from scroll in Somersham Church.
Thanks be to God Thee O God. For the safe return of the men of Somersham from the Great war 1914 - 1918.
Adams William  
Ashton William  
Ashton Benjamin  
Aubrey Charles  
Aubrey Walter  
Baisley Charles  
Baker  Tom  
Barlow Thomas P.R  
Barlow George  
Barlow William  
Barlow Frank  
Barlow Ernest  
Barlow Onesimus  
Barlow Gjoseph George
Barlow George Watson
Barlow Ernest  
Barber Arthur Howlett  
Bass Charles Frederick
Bearpark William  
Bearpark Percy  
Bell Samuel Arthur  
Bond Alfred  
Bonnett Arthur Vivian  
Brown John William  
Bright Bernard B.  
Bush Harold William  
Burton Edward F.  
Casburn Sidney  
Casburn Harold  
Casburn Sidney G. V.  
Childs Ernest Leonard  
Clay Ralph  
Criswell Bernard  
Cross Cecil  
Darwood Harold  
Curry Roland A.  
Curry Percival Alan  
Curry James Arnold  
Darling Arthur E.  
Darling Herbert C.  
Darling George  
Darling Frederick W.  
Darling William  
Darrington Harold  
Darrington George  
Darrington Richard  
Davenport Robert S. C.  
Duller William  
Duller Ernest  
Edwards Ernest  
Edwards Charles  
Edwards Sidney G.  
Edwards Fred  
Elger Frank  
Ellis Bert  
Ellis Joe  
Ellis Robert Charter  
Ellis John William  
Elmore Fred  
Farrow Claude  
Farrant Oscar  
Fear Leonard  
Fear Arthur Fred  
Frost Leonard  
Frost Harvey  
Goodger Walter  
Goodger William  
Gotobed Ernest A.  
Gotobed Frederick G.  
Gowler James  
Gowler Charles  
Gowler Tom  
Gowler James  
Gowler William  
Gowler Alma  
Gowler George  
Gowler Ernest  
Grimwood Jack  
Grimwood Alfred  
Grimwood George  
Grounds Tom  
Green Fred  
Green Bert  
Hart Herbert  
Hart Wilfred  
Harlick Benjamin  
Hayes Gustaus S.  
Hazel John William  
Hazel Ernest  
Hazel Fred  
Hinkins Ernest  
Holmes Charles W.  
Holmes Walter R.  
Howlett David  
Hurst Frank Albert  
Jessop Charles W.  
Johnson William  
Johnson Bernard  
Johnson James  
Johnson Sidney  
Jones Alfred  
Jones Edwin L.  
Kimpton Bert  
Kimpton Frederick  
Lamb Frank William  
Lamb George  
Leader John William  
Leeden Frank William  
Leeden William  
Leeds Albert  
Leeds William  
Leeds Walter  
Lewis George  
Lewis Frederick  
Luddington Joe W. K.  
Mace Herbert  
Manser Oliver H.  
Manser Percy H.  
Markwell William E.  
Maycock George  
Medcalf Samuel  
Medcalf Sidney  
Miller John William  
Mitchell Frederic R.  
Moule Thomas  
Moule Albert E.  
Newman Mark  
Newstead Edward J.  
Nightingale John M.  
Norman Cecil  
Oldfield Charles  
Page Augustus  
Parker Ernest Charles  
Parker Thomas  
Parker Frederic C.  
Parkinson Edward  
Parkinson Darwin  
Parkinson Lambert  
Parsons Percy H.  
Parsons John  
Peacock Archibald  
Peacock Oswald  
Peel Albert  
Peeks George C.  
Pell Stanley  
Pell Ernest  
Pell Edgar  
Pentelow Arthur  
Pentelow Reginald  
Purser William H.  
Raynham Edward  
Robinson Douglas  
Royston Charles Frank  
Rowe Douglas  
Rowe Clarence  
Ruff Alfred  
Ruff Joseph  
Saint Percy Salmon  
Shepherd J. Stanley  
Silk George A.  
Skeggs Leonard P.  
Skipworth William  
Smith William H.  
Smith Howard  
Smith Herbert  
Smith Arthur  
Smith Ernest  
Smith George  
Stonebridge Ernest  
Stonebridge William  
Stonebridge Albert  
Stroud Jabez John  
Swiffen James Henry  
Tall Charles William
Thompson Thomas  
Thompson John S.  
Thompson Frank  
Throssel Harry Kisby  
Tibbles William R. P.  
Turner Arthur  
Turner James Henry  
Turner Ruffles  
Turner Robinson R.  
Tuthill George G.  
Utteridge Charles  
Wadlow George  
Wakeling Ernest  
Watson Frank  
Watson Arthur  
West George  
Wheaton James  
Wright George  

Memorial in Somersham Village Square.
In Grateful Memory of the men of this Parish who paid the Supreme Sacrifice 1939 -1945
Barlow Peter S.  
Barson Leslie J.  
Behagg Reginald H.  
Bell Alfred  
Butler William  
Dew Douglas W.  
Lowe Douglas K.  
Seamark Frederick C.  
Smith Stanley  
Thomas Robert W.  
Thomas Sidney A.  
West John  
Whitfield Dennis E.  

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